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My locations:

Face to face:

I currently offer face to face appointments from a space I rent in Bromham, a small village a few miles outside of Bedford. I have been fortunate enough to secure a space in a very scenic and peaceful location, which offers the ideal location to safely reflect and explore any issues that may arise in therapy. However, given it's relatively remote location (inc. a 1/2 mile single track) transport is recommended (e.g. taxi/car/bike). 

Online/virtual sessions

As a result of the recent pandemic, many of us have had to adjust the ways in which we work and connect with others. Largely as a result of the restrictions that have been enforced by the Government during the pandemic, it has been necessary to move to offering therapy via online portals, using webcams to help create a sesne of connection.  Whilst this has undoubtable been a challenge, with some clients and therapists feeling it makes it harder to develop a shared connection, there has also been many who have found benefits in it, as it allows them to connect and engage in therapy from an already established safe space (i.e. their homes), as well as making it easier to fit into their lives as it reduces the need for travel etc. 

My own experience of offering online therapy has been mixed, yet surprisingly positive. Prior to the pandemic I felt strongly that the most effective, and supportive way to conduct therapy was in direct face to face contact with the client. However, since I have been forced into this new way of working I have found many of my preconceived idea being challenged and now widely recognise it as a viable alternative to face to face treatment. As such, I now offer the option of either face to face or online therapy, which in turn has allowed me to offer treatment to a much wide area, including: Bedford, Milton Keynes, London, St. Albans, Cambridge and beyond!.

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