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A space to explore, overcome and grow as an individual.

Image by Jr Korpa

There can be times in our lives where we can find ourselves in need of a dedicated space in which we can explore, overcome and grow as individuals. 


At different stages in our lives, it can feel difficult to understand who we really are, or how we can grow into the person we really want to be. Our life experiences can, at times, result in us  struggling with issues related to trauma, emotional instability, grief, OCD, anxiety, depression or any other of life's many challenges.


During treatment, I will work to help guide you every step of the way. I will draw on a range of evidenced based psychological models to help us develop new perspectives of yourself and any challenges you may be facing. Furthermore, I can help you develop new skills so that you feel confident in being able to overcome these challenges.

I am very happy to have a free preliminary chat to help you get a sense of whether I am the right sort of person to help you with your needs. 

Individual psychological therapy: Services
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